Read Ralph Abraham’s Letter to Eddie Rispone


Mr. Rispone,


This election isn’t about you and it’s not about me. This election is about saving the state that we both love.


You and I both know that Louisiana can’t afford another four years of John Bel Edwards. Defeating him is critical to the survival of our state.


President Trump and Vice President Pence recognize this. As President Trump recently wrote, “much…is at stake” because John Bel Edwards will “NEVER be for us.”


With Vice President Pence holding a Republican unity rally tomorrow, it’s time to focus all of our attention on what’s most important: beating John Bel Edwards.


Starting tomorrow, I call on you to pull all negative advertising not aimed at John Bel Edwards, and I will pull my response, so both of our campaigns can focus all of our resources on that goal.


It’s time to put what’s best for Louisiana ahead of what’s best for either of us.






Congressman Ralph Abraham


Candidate for Governor