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Dr. Ralph Abraham (or "Doc") is running for governor because he knows that hardworking Louisianians deserve better. Doc is a lifelong Louisianian - he's a farmer, a veterinarian, a doctor, a soldier and since 2014 he's been a leading conservative Christian voice as our Louisiana congressman. As governor, he'll unleash Louisiana's full potential and create a state that thrives for generations to come. With Doc leading the way, Louisiana families will see a stronger economy, more opportunities, and a better quality of life. Not only do we need Dr. Ralph Abraham, but we need you, too. Join the team today!

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Doc served in the Army National Guard and still serves as a Search & Rescue pilot for the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Air Force Civil Air Patrol.

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Honest Leadership with Proven Results

Dr. Ralph Abraham is not a career politician. In 2014, Ralph entered politics for the first time because he was concerned about the direction our country was headed in. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, Ralph went to Washington to serve as our conservative, Christian voice while fighting for our Louisiana values. While in our nation’s capital, Ralph proudly fought for an education system that puts children ahead of unions, worked to deliver tax reform that helps us keep more of our paychecks, and defended all life. Dr. Ralph Abraham is just getting started. He is ready to tackle the tough problems as our next governor.

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Ralph Abraham Wins Louisiana Straw Poll

  We’re very grateful to the hundreds of people that came out and participated in the inaugural Louisiana straw poll. This was a major test of our message and campaign organization. We’ll take the momentum from today and keep pushing forward to a win in October.   Read about Ralph Abraham’s straw poll victory here:

Ralph Abraham Votes Against Nancy Pelosi-Democrat Bill

  Earlier today, Ralph Abraham voted against a Nancy Pelosi-Democrat bill that: ❌Cuts the readiness of our troops ❌Brings terrorists to American soil ❌Does nothing to secure our southern border Ralph Abraham will keep fighting for our military and to keep our people safe.    

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