NEW POLL: Abraham Holds Big Lead Despite Millions Spent Against Him



With two weeks to go before voting begins, Ralph Abraham maintains a commanding lead over his Republican challenger and is headed toward a runoff with Governor Edwards. Abraham maintains his lead despite being outspent by a 10-to-1 margin on broadcast TV, cable TV, and radio advertising by his Republican opponent, Governor Edwards, and Governor Edwards’ SuperPAC.


A poll commissioned in mid-July showed Abraham held a 12-point lead (25% to 13%) over his Republican opponent. Since that time, Abraham spent $657,755 on broadcast TV, cable TV, and radio advertising, while his Republican opponent spent $3,424,182.


According to a new poll completed yesterday (September 11, 2019), Abraham holds an 8-point lead over his Republican opponent (27%-19%).


In the same September poll, Edwards comes in at 45%, well below the required 50% required to avoid a runoff, after spending $4,825,197 on broadcast TV, cable TV, and radio advertising between his campaign and PAC.


“Despite over eight million dollars being spent against us, the race remains virtually the same as it was at the beginning of summer. Ralph Abraham will be in a runoff with John Bel Edwards and Ralph Abraham will win.” – Lionel Rainey III, Abraham Campaign Senior Strategist