Ralph Abraham Letter to Veterans


My Fellow Veterans:


Louisiana’s governor has a special duty to our state’s veterans. The Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs maintains Veterans Homes, State Veterans Cemeteries and numerous offices that help our veterans secure state and federal benefits.


As a former officer with the Army National Guard, a former member of the United States House of Representatives Veterans Affairs Committee, and a current member of the House Armed Services Committee, I deeply understand the importance of maintaining a strong military and have consistently advocated for the men and women who serve in our military. I have also been a leader in ensuring that our government supports former members of the military and their families, including access to high-quality healthcare, mental health services, disability benefits, and many other important programs and services. As your next governor, I will support and enhance our state’s commitment to securing health care, education, disability benefits, long-term care and burial honors for Louisianians who have honorably served our country.


Since being elected to Congress in 2015, I have fought day in and day out to enact laws that support our military, our veterans and their families. Shortly after taking office, I introduced the Veterans’ Compensation Cost of Living Adjustment Act of 2016, which ensures that Veterans receive cost of living rate increases for disability compensation, additional compensation for dependents, the clothing allowance for disabled veterans, and dependency and indemnity compensation for surviving spouses and children. In July 2016, my bill was signed into law.


As a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, I also worked to hold the Department of Veterans Affairs accountable and pass legislation to help fix the broken system. I voted for the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, which made it easier to fire poor-performing employees and increased protections for those who exposed problems within the VA. I also voted for the VA MISSION Act, which reduces red tape and provides more care options to ensure veterans receive the high-quality healthcare they need and deserve. Under the law, VA patients are able to choose a community care provider if they have a wait time of 20 days or more for primary or mental health care, and 28 days or more for specialty care. The MISSION Act also changes the VA mileage rule by allowing Veterans who face a drive time of more than 30 minutes for primary or mental care or 1 hour for specialty care to choose a community care provider closer to them.



I have also co-sponsored numerous bills to ensure that veterans and their families receive disability and survivor benefits they are entitled to. This includes the Military Surviving Spouses Equity Act, which would repeal provisions that require Dependency and Indemnity Compensation and Survivor Benefit Plan compensation to be offset, and the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019, which extends disability benefits covering medical conditions associated with Agent Orange exposure to those who served on ships off the coast of Vietnam.



Under President Obama, the United States military was depleted, and funding was slashed. Thankfully, President Trump and his conservative allies in Congress like myself, have rebuilt our military and increased funding that will allow our military to modernize, improve readiness and protect our nation from threats. Since I joined the House Committee on Armed Services, military funding under the National Defense Authorization Act has increased by over $100 billion dollars. I also helped secure a 2.6% pay raise for our troops in FY 2019, the largest in 9 years.



My work to support our troops and veterans has not been limited to Washington. I have also secured funding for Louisiana’s bases and military assets and worked to ensure no Louisiana bases are at risk of reductions or closures. Just recently, I helped secure $12.25 million for a new gate complex at Bossier’s Barksdale Air Force Base to help ensure it will be ready for a new $500 million Weapons Storage Facility.



Men and women who serve this country through military service have chosen to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep America safe and defend freedom. As Governor, I will fulfill my responsibility to support these men and women, and their families.


I look forward to working with each of you and humbly ask for your vote.



Congressman Ralph Abraham

Candidate For Governor

Read Ralph Abraham’s letter to veterans here.

Read Ralph Abraham Letter in Support of School Choice


Dear Louisiana Families:


Over the last four years under Governor John Bel Edwards, Louisiana has made far too little progress towards improving educational opportunities for our children.  This includes both opportunities for a high-quality K-12 education and access to high-quality early childhood education and child care. Even more concerning, despite a public education system that ranks at or near the bottom of every national ranking, Governor Edwards continues to make clear that he opposes giving parents choices to prevent their children from being trapped in failing or under-performing schools that do not meet their needs.  


As a state legislator, Governor Edwards consistently voted against measures to expand and strengthen school choice programs.  As Governor, he has consistently criticized school choice programs and failed to increase funding despite imposing the largest tax increase in Louisiana history.  Make no mistake about it, if elected for a second term, Governor Edwards will kill school choice.


As your next Governor, I commit to increasing funding for school choice programs and implementing policies that empower parents with the freedom to choose the best educational environment for their child.  This includes traditional public schools, public charter schools, private schools, virtual learning opportunities and homeschooling. When it comes to the question of who knows what’s best for a child, I believe the answer is obvious: parents.


Many charter schools across Louisiana are thriving, and more and more high-quality, nationally renowned charter schools are looking to locate in Louisiana.  As Governor, I will do everything possible to continue this trend. I will also work to expand the Louisiana Scholarship Program, the School Choice Program for Students with Certain Exceptionalities, and the Tuition Donation Credit Program through both increased funding and policies that expand access to these programs for a wider range of families.


Despite false information being spread by Governor Edwards and other liberal groups, school choice programs in Louisiana are working.  Louisiana has some of the toughest accountability standards in the country, students in these programs are closing the achievement gap more quickly than other students, and most importantly, families are happy. 


As Governor, I will bring educators and families to the table to gather input on how to improve and expand school choice options in Louisiana.  And I will continue to support parents’ fundamental right to choose the best educational environment for their children.


I look forward to working with each of you and humbly ask for your vote.



Congressman Ralph Abraham


Candidate for Governor


Read the PDF of the letter here. 

Read Ralph Abraham’s Letter to Louisiana Families with Children with Disabilities


Dear Louisiana Families:


As a family doctor for over 20 years, I understand the unique needs of children with disabilities. No two children with a disability share the same story or face the same challenges, but they all deserve access to the very best services. This includes not only medical care, but also therapeutic services, personal care services, and educational services.


Over the past four years, Governor John Bel Edwards has repeatedly used children with disabilities as political pawns for increasing the size of government and raising taxes. When the legislature wouldn’t go along with his proposal to increase sales taxes, Governor Edwards threatened to cut critical services to children with disabilities, just like he threatened to kick our senior citizens out of nursing homes and discontinue LSU football.


In a February 2016 statewide television address to Louisiana citizens, the Governor stated:


People like Braden Wilson. Braden is 9 years old and suffers from Leigh’s Disease. He has been bedridden since birth and requires around the clock care. There’s nothing in the world Braden’s mom, Kodi, wouldn’t do for her family, and as a father of three I understand that. But the Wilsons and thousands of others like them are at risk of going bankrupt if the state program they rely on to help pay for Braden’s care is severely cut. It’s called the NOW Waiver program and they can’t survive without it. It is one of many that will take a major hit if we do not solve our budget problems.


When I am Governor, you have my word that I will not use our most vulnerable children or their families as leverage for implementing my agenda. I will simply focus on making sure the programs that serve these children are fully funded and are reaching the families in need.


I will support and fund waiver programs like NOW that allow for people to stay in their own homes rather than in institutions. In addition to saving lives, these programs allow families to continue to work and pay taxes, which benefits the entire State and its economy. I will make sure that these programs are adequately and that they are managed and administered effectively.


I will also work to provide funding for Medicaid programs through the Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA). This program will provide much needed relief to families who often face extraordinary expenses in caring for their children with disabilities at home and are currently ineligible for Medicaid due to their income. As we know, even families who have significant income struggle with the exorbitant costs of providing 24/7 care for a child with a severe disability. Governor Edwards likes to take credit for signing TEFRA into law, despite providing no support for the law as it worked its way through the legislature in 2019. I know the truth that the passage of the bill was a result of the incredible leadership and advocacy of committed parents. As Governor, I will work closely with those parents and advocates to identify funding for TEFRA programs so that families can begin to see the benefits of the recent law.


Finally, I will work closely with school districts and experts serving students with disabilities to ensure that Louisiana schools are providing necessary supports and services to those children. This includes not only ensuring that students have access to medically necessary services during school hours, including ABA therapy and mental health services, but also that teachers and support staff are adequately trained in how to care for and educate students with disabilities. Louisiana has some of the highest abuse rates of children with disabilities in the US. More than one case of abuse in schools has made national headlines, and a facility jointly run by LDH and the Department of Education had a legislative audit this year and was recommended for federal investigation. This must come to an end, and under my administration it will.


Most importantly, as your next Governor, I will ensure that families of children with disabilities, who rely on the State for critical services and supports, always have a seat at the table to provide input on new policies and policy changes. After all, no one is more knowledgeable about how policies affecting families than families themselves.


I look forward to working with each of you and humbly ask for your vote.




Congressman Ralph Abraham

Candidate for Governor


View the PDF of the letter here. 

Where Does John Bel Edwards Stand on Impeaching President Trump?



Maxine Waters – one of the ringleaders with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & House Speaker Nancy Pelosi trying to impeach Donald J. Trump – is in Baton Rouge about to hold a get-out-the-vote rally at a taxpayer funded facility.



Hey JBE… Do you stand with Maxine, Pelosi, and AOC or do you stand with the people of Louisiana and President Trump?



Trump Delegate Electors Endorse Abraham


Louisiana’s electors for President Trump have released a letter urging their fellow pro-Trump Republicans to support Ralph Abraham for governor.


Read the letter here and below.


Our Fellow Louisianians,


As Louisiana’s electors who were responsible for electing President Trump as Louisiana’s choice for President, we come together again to voice our support for Ralph Abraham for Governor, and to encourage our fellow Louisianians to do the same.


While President Trump continues to Make America Great, Louisiana is getting left behind under John Bel Edwards’ liberal, Democratic policies. Edwards has declared war on the oil and gas industry, raised taxes by $8 billion and his administration is plagued by waste, fraud and abuse. Simply put, John Bel Edwards is killing Louisiana, and we are losing under his leadership.


Ralph Abraham is a proven conservative who has what it takes to beat Edwards and make Louisiana win. He knows the solution is more jobs, less taxes, and more freedom. Abraham is a champion of conservative values, and a steadfast supporter of President Trump.


Just like we proudly elected Donald Trump for President of the United States, we proudly endorse Ralph Abraham for Governor of Louisiana. We encourage our fellow Louisianians to unite behind his campaign, and to vote for Ralph Abraham on October 12, or Early Vote September 28 – October 5.


God Bless, 


Louis Avalone
Charles Buckels
Lloyd Harsch
Kay Kellog Katz
Garret Monti
Lennie Rhys
Chris Trahan

Abraham Holding onto Lead



Against all odds, Ralph Abraham continues to hold a lead over his Republican challenger after having a combined $20 MILLION spent against him compared to only $2 MILLION that he’s spent.



While the race for second has tightened, the most glaring and direct effect of the Rispone attack ad is the rise of John Bel Edwards in the polls.


“The Governor and my Republican challenger have spent a fortune on TV lying to the people of this state about my record and my character, and we’re still standing”, said Ralph Abraham. “I’m not going to resort to those tactics. The people of this state deserve better than that. Republicans must unite to defeat this governor, and I’m going to lead by example.”


John Bel Edwards: 47%
Ralph Abraham: 22%
Eddie Rispone: 20%
Oscar “Omar” Dantzler: 2%
Gary Landrieu: 1%
Undecided: 8%


View the poll here.


Survey was conducted by nationally renowned Remington Research Group on September 24 through September 25, 2019. 489 likely 2019 Primary Election voters participated in the survey. Survey weighted to match expected turnout demographics for the 2019 Primary Election. Margin of Error is +/-4.6%. Totals do not always equal 100% due to rounding.