We’re Winning


It wasn’t that long ago that then candidate Trump was given a 1% chance to win going into the final day and night of the election. That’s why you should never trust last minute polling – especially if you didn’t pay for it.


Last night, we went into the field with TWO different internal polls with the objective of accurately measuring absentee and early turnout vote and projected Saturday turnout. One poll was from our Senior Advisor Bill Skelly and one from Remington Research Group.




– Skelly has the race: John Bel 46, Abraham 23, Rispone 20, Undecided 11
– Remington has the race: John Bel 42, Abraham 22, Rispone 22, Undecided 7


The polls you are seeing pop up are using a voter turnout based on 2015 turnout. That is NOT what’s happening on the ground.


Do not be dissuaded by polls from national firms or parties with interests other than objectively measuring the race. Ralph has relentlessly traveled this state for the last 10 months – Eddie has hidden behind a mountain of money. That will make the difference in a tight race.


At the end of the day, the only poll that matters is the one taken this Saturday. We cannot wait to hit the ground running on Sunday morning and defeat John Bel Edwards in a runoff.


We have the best team, the best plan, and the best candidate.


We will win this race.