Abraham Rolls Out Over 100 Endorsements From Elected Leaders

Abraham Rolls Out Over 100 Endorsements From Elected Leaders



BATON ROUGE, La – Ralph Abraham’s campaign for governor has been endorsed by over 100 elected leaders from across Louisiana.

“These endorsements show the overwhelming breadth of support for Ralph Abraham across our state. From law enforcement officers to state legislators to Mayors, Louisiana’s leaders recognize that Ralph Abraham is the only candidate who can defeat John Bel Edwards and are uniting behind his message of putting Louisiana Families First,” said David Weinman, Abraham campaign Communications Director.

Here’s what leaders across the state have to say about Ralph Abraham:

“Dr. Abraham is a true leader who understands what it takes to keep our citizens safe. He’s the only candidate in this race who has the experience and fresh vision we need to move our state in a new direction from the failures of John Bel Edwards.” – Don Burkett, Sabine Parish District Attorney

“From treating the poorest in our state as a doctor, to serving in the National Guard and Coast Guard, to his time in Congress working with President Trump, Doc’s entire life has been about putting Louisiana Families First. Doc is going to be our next Governor, and I know he’ll continue to put Louisiana, and our families, first.” – Beth Billings, St. Charles RPEC Chairwoman and RSCC member

“Dr. Abraham understands that Louisiana is simply too great a state to be trailing the nation in every category. His vision of lowering taxes, growing jobs, and providing strong, decisive leadership will have Louisiana leading the nation. We need Doc as our governor.” – State Representative Paul Hollis



District Attorney H. Todd Nesom



Alderman Robbie Plauche (Plaucheville)    

Coroner Dr. LJ Mayeux

Alderman Ethan Escude (Mansura)

Alderman Craig Gremillion (Plaucheville)

Alderman at Large Jacob Coco (Simmesport)

School Board Member Van J. Kojis



Mayor James Wiggins (Jamestown)

Alderman Jannet Wiggins (Jamestown)



Constable E.T. “Scooter” Rushang

Constable John C. “Rick” Blalock



RSCC Member Louis R.  Avallone

RSCC Member Harold Coates

RPEC Member Creighton Light



Councilman Danny Finley (Grayson)



District Attorney Bradley Burget



Alderman Brandon Rich (Homer)



Police Juror Jimmy Jernigan


East Carroll

Assessor Evelyn Ross

Coroner Jim Holt


East Feliciana          

Jackson Board of Trustees Member Buddy Foreman



Mayor Mike Stephens (Gilbert)

Alderman Johnny “Red” Belton (Baskin)



Mayor Danny Moore (Village of Creola)

Chief of Police Chris Paul (Pollock)

Councilman Dee Moore (Pollock)

Coroner Keith Gallagher, Sr.

Constable F. H. “Bubba” Dykes



Mayor Kelly Gyder (Eros)

Mayor Gerald T. Palmer (Hodge)

Mayor Joe Vail (Quitman)

Police Chief Travis S. Reed (Hodge)

Alderman Tonja “Toni” Malone (Chatham)



RSCC Member Bruce Donnelly

RSCC Member Allen “Al” Leone

RSCC Member Robert “Bob” Stevens



RSCC Member Charlie Buckels



Alderman Lyle Jay Ivy (Urania)



Constable Don McDonald

Alderman Jerry White (Simsboro)

Alderman Thomas Patton (Choudrant)

RSCC Member Matt Parker



Mayor Christopher Carter (Collinston)

Mayor Johnny McAdams (Mer Rouge)

Mayor Malcolm Williams (Oak Ridge)

Coroner Joseph Reynolds, MD

Constable David Thomas



Councilman Morris T. Chesser Jr.

Alderman Bubba Ivy (Robeline)



RSCC Member Lloyd Harsch

RSCC Member Rafael Perales



State Representative Jay Morris

Monroe City Council Member Michael Echols

RSCC Member Kay Kellogg Katz

RSCC Member Caleb McDonald

RSCC Member Ambia Baker

RSCC Member Donna Cathey

RPEC Member Lois Hoover



Mayor Neil Kavanagh (Ball)

RSCC Member Kevin M. Cavell

RSCC Member Bradley Drell

RSCC Member Pete Ferrington

RSCC Member Olivia Nash

RPEC Member Wayne Ryan



Sheriff Gary Gilley

District Attorney John M. “Mack” Lancaster

Alderman Ellen Oliver (Delhi)

Assessor Emmett “Lee” Brown III

Constable Terry Gwin

Constable Leo Lyle



District Attorney Don Burkett

Mayor Lynn Montgomery (Village of Noble)

Constable Harvey Nichols


St. Charles

RSCC Member Beth Billings


St. Landry

RSCC Member Jamie Huval

RPEC Member James Lopez

Alderman Todd Abshire (Port Barre)

Alderman Sammy W. Hardy II (Port Barre)


St. Tammany           

State Representative Paul Hollis

RSCC Member Candy Maness



Police Juror Robert J. “Bubba” Rushing



Police Juror Michael  Jones Jr.

Police Juror Lanny Parker

Constable Larry Booth



Police Juror Leon P. Broussard



Police Juror Marvin Lee Hilton



Mayor John Dawsey (Angie)

Councilman Thomas “Rusty” Fornea

Alderman Darwin Sharp (Franklinton)


West Carroll            

Mayor Toni Prine Shumate (Kilbourne)

Chief of Police James Smith (Forest )

Assessor DeAnna Smith

Police Juror Johnny L. Simms

Police Juror Eddie Russell

Alderman James Tidwell



District Attorney Chris Nevils

Police Juror Author Robinson

Councilman Stephen Hanks

School Board Member Matthew Walton

Constable Brian Scott Jordan

RPEC Member J. Keith Gates