A new poll confirms what our campaign has been saying for months: John Bel Edwards is VULNERABLE TO DEFEAT this November, and that Dr. Ralph Abraham (“Doc”) is the LEADING CANDIDATE to beat him.

According to the poll from the nationally recognized polling firm Remington Research Group, Doc has opened up a 23-point lead over his Republican primary challenger in the governor’s race.

Poll Results

44% Edwards
33% Abraham
10% Rispone
13% Undecided

Even better, Doc’s support continues to GROW as voters learn more about him, showing that Louisianians like what they’re seeing and are ready for a governor that puts Louisiana Families First!

Governor Edwards’ support continues to lag well below 50% – a rejection of his high-tax, big-government policies. This is a big red flag for an incumbent Democrat running for reelection in a conservative state. It shows that voters recognize what’s long been painfully obvious: John Bel Edwards is a FAILED governor.

We are on track to win this race. Together, we will finally get Louisiana moving in the right direction.

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